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Method of teaching spelling

4. Method of teaching spelling Miss Kunsang Lhamo, TGT English, TCV Gopalpur.
To know English language it is very essential to know the spelling of words. Writing correctly solely depends upon the knowledge of spellings. There is also competitive value of spellings. In different competitions students often have to express themselves through language and for this writing correctly is very essential.


Techniques of writing well

Techniques of writing well Karma Sithar(Mr.), PGT English, TCV Bylakuppe.
ATTITIDE ABOUT WRITING, one way of spoiling our chances of learning how to write competently is to believe that writing is a natural gift. A person with such attitude thinks that they are the only one for whom writing is extremely difficult. They feel that everyone finds writing easy and he/she is the only one who is not good at writing. They hardly try at all. Their self-defeating attitude sometimes becomes reality. This must not be at any cost. One is as good as anyone else.