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Creating Effective Rubrics

Professional Growth Plan – 2015


To learn to create effective rubrics to use as a tool to inculcate and teach students the habit and skill of self-assessment so that they can be independent and critical learners. 


I have realized that providing assessment on a finished product is of no much value. Instead if students are given the check list or rubrics for self assessment before hand, the standard of work they turn in turns out much better. After all, assessment for learning is better than assessment of learning.



Building classroom culture

Why this program?

For many years I have noticed and experienced a phenomenon that disrupts smooth running of classes. It may sounds like a very minor thing, but its accumulated impact on learning may be huge. The phenomenon is that in between each class periods, many students simply waste their time by just roaming in and around the classes. Some of the students were so out of control that they would affect the whole atmosphere of the class in such a way that teaching learning becomes difficult to take place. When a teacher enters the class, he or she needs few minutes to settle the situation down before starting the actual lesson.


A winter reading list for Tibetan teachers

Hay teachers and educators! Our much awaited winter vacation is fast approaching. We deserve this holiday after almost ten months of intense and rewarding works. It is the time for travels and tours, family and fun, rest and reading, and many more.

In this post, I would like to share a few books to add to your winter reading list. This list is just a start-up and fellow educators are requested to add to the list. As Miller wrote: "lifelong readers start with encountering great books, heartfelt recommendations, and a community of readers who share this passion".


An Effective Approach

For the last few years, the hardest challenge I have faced in my professional life is to assess students' work effectively considering the large number of students I have had to teach: four classes consisting of 30 students each on an average with extra responsibilities to shoulder.

I have tried different types of assessment, but somehow I have not been satisfied with them. Is it because the methods of assessment change with the composition of the students? Is it because I have bogged myself down with poor planning?


For My Good Teacher

Poem      : For My Good Teacher
Poet        : Madam Karma Choedon la
School     : Upper TCV School Dharamsala
Message  : Through this poem, she is requesting teachers to be more creative and give the children more opportunity to explore. We should restrain from the way we had been taught when we were in school
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