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The School Home Connection

School  home connectionResearch has consistently shown that student success is directly related to the strength of the relationships between parents and schools. This book provides teachers and administrators with tools to build a foundation for student success based on positive relationships with students and their families.
Drawing on original research and their professional experiences, the authors identify the common sources of both negative and positive school-home relationships. The book presents a comprehensive approach to building closer connections and includes:
(1) Tools to help educators develop a deeper understanding of the communities they serve.
(2) Strategies for improving interpersonal skills and communication skills.
(3) A chapter on the importance of documenting and celebrating school events.
(4) Guidelines for creating three distinct levels of parental participation in schools.
With suggestions for cultivating a community network of support services and a summary of lessons for forging constructive relationships, The School-Home Connection is an essential tool for educators looking to strengthen the learning community and increase student achievement.