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Inquire Within

Inquire within"A one-stop-shopping resource for any educator seeking a better understanding of how to develop curriculum materials, plan for instruction, and assess student learning within classrooms that are undeclared by inquiry. An amazingly clear and broad synthesis of virtually every important topic associated with inquiry." (Richard H. Audet, Associate Professor 2006-07-04)
"Enables teachers and other education professionals to reconceptualize the teaching of science. An invaluable resource for all those committed to achieving and surpassing world standards in the science education of present and future teachers and their students." (Hubert M. Dyasi, Professor 2006-09-04) Douglas Llewellyn is director of science at the Rochester City School District, a professor of undergraduate- and graduate-level science education at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, a former middle school science teacher, and a former junior high school principal. He is a frequent guest speaker at local and national science conferences and has been involved with numerous National Science Foundation grants on systemic reform.