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Teaching Outside the Box

Teaching Outside the BoxThis book is for new and experienced teachers who want to try a different approach to teaching -- one that makes school enjoyable for both teachers and students. The Table of Contents includes:
Are You Teacher Material?
Do Your Homework: things to consider before you step into the classroom. Developing your personal philosophy of teaching, discipline and grading.
Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: preparing your classroom, your paperwork and yourself. Includes tips for organizing and arranging your room, student seating, lesson plans, etc.
Discipline is Not a Dirty Word: how to create a positive discipline program that eliminates the Teacher VS Student dynamic that can undermine your efforts and lead to a constant cycle of misbehavior and consequences.
Reading, Reading, Reading: how to motivate nonreaders to give books a chance. How to teach Shakepeare to reluctant readers.Motivation and Inspiration: practical advice for creating a dynamic classroom where students actually enjoy learning and participate in their education
Q&A from teachers and from students.Twenty Years from Now: people write letters about their own teachers.Resources: a few of my favorite books and web sites.