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See Me After Class

See me after classTeaching is hard work. Lessons go wrong. Parents get angry. And, sometimes, a teacher would rather eat glass than spend another day trying to manage a classroom. These are the days they don't tell you about in teacher training. Enter: See Me After Class.
This survival guide helps every teacher walk into their classroom day-after-day with clarity, confidence...and sanity! Fueled by hundreds of hilarious stories and practical tips from the teachers who lived them, Elden offers honest advice and reassurance to help teachers inspire and educate generations of students. The author has made in clear from the start that this book is not Chicken Soup for Teachers or a Professional Development/Pegagogy manual, but rather, in a humorous fashion, a realistic insight into the trials and tribulations of being a teacher. It seeks to unmask the fact that teachers, as in other jobs, can face bad days, and commonly too. This is evident from the many stories shared by other teachers which should strike a familiar chord to both budding and veteran teachers alike