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Games on teaching vocabulary

Games on teaching vocabulary Mrs. Ngawang Dolma, TCV school Chauntra.
I have been teaching English in lower classes for the past twelve years. Within these years I had learnt that small students love to learn their lesson through games. They learn quicker and give full participation and attention while learning. Here I want to share some games which I searched on internet vocabulary. I shared these games with some of my colleagues and the lesson went successfully.

Games for teaching vocabulary:
1. The Sumo games:
Material required: clothes, pin and vocabulary cards.
Procedure: First drill the words you want to teach with the help of flash cards. And then divide the class into two groups. Draw a circle in the middle of the classroom. Call one student from each group and attach a vocabulary card on their back. Don't let them see each other's card. Let both the student meet in the middle of the play area and face off as though they are Sumo wrestlers. When the teacher says "Go" the students who are in the middle of the play area try to see or read the word on the other student's back. Hands can't be used. The one who sees or reads the word first must read out the word loudly and he/she is the winner. Do this with the rest of the students also so that every one of them will get a chance.

2. The flying tiger game:
Material required: flash card and tiger puppet.
Procedure: Drill the words first. Spread the vocabulary cards on the floor facing the word downward. Have a competition between boys and the girls. Call one student from each group. Give puppet to each child. Let them throw the puppets on one of the card. Let the child read the word that puppet landed on.

3. The walking around game:
Material required: flash cards and the music player.
Procedure: Let the children stand in a circle. Layout the flash cards on the floor. Play the music and let the students walk around the cards. When the music stops, the students must pick up the nearest card and read it to the class.