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Teaching poetry in primary level

Teaching poetry in primary level Mrs. Pema Choekyi, TCV school Chauntra.
Aims & Objectives:
1. To enable the students to read with correct pronunciation, stress and intonations.
2. To enrich the children's vocabulary.
3. To encourage them to compose tune for the poem by themselves.
4. To teach them rhyming words.
5. To give opportunity to them to answer questions verbally as well as writing.
6. To make them learn a complete poem with full enjoyment.

To introduce the poem, teacher asks some questions that are relevant to that poem which is going to be taught to the children.
Teaching Aids:
For teaching poem, each individual student should have a copy of the poem or a chart on which the poem is written in large fond.

Teacher's Activity:
1. Introduce the poem by asking some relevant questions to be answered.
2. By relating the poem with the answers, teacher will tell the students that they are going to learn the poem "Title".
3. Teacher provides the written poem to each student for own reading for a few minutes.
4. Teacher's model reading of the poem with correct pronunciation, stress and intonations.
5. Teacher makes the students to repeat the poem after him/her.
6. Let the students read it in smaller groups or individually for few times.
7. Teacher divides the whole class into several smaller groups having 5 students in each group.
8. Each group is told to compose tune for the given poem.
9. Teacher attends each group to see how they are doing and to help them when required.
10. Each group is given chance to present the tuned poem loudly in front of the other groups.

Student's Activity:
1. Listen to the introductions carefully and answer the questions being asked to them.
2. They will read the poem silently for a few minutes.
3. To listen to the teacher's model reading of the poem.
4. For better reading, they will repeat the poem after their teaching.
5. Group and individual reading of the poem.
6. Listen to the instruction to divide themselves into smaller groups and to appoint a group leader.
7. Sit on their-own groups to work on composing tune for the poem.
8. Get help from their teacher by asking questions if they have any doubt.
9. To present their tuned poem one after another with the fullest fun.

Teacher asks the students the following questions verbally as well as in written:
1. Find out the rhyming words from the poem taught.
2. Give meaning of the new words in the poem.
3. Use the new words in the poem in sentences.
4. Comprehension.
5. Working with words on writing fun.

Time: Five periods will be used for doing all the activities.
Learning Outcomes:
Each individual is expected to learn one complete poem by knowing the meaning of difficult words and the theme of the poem.