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Letters without Borders

Letters without Borders

seraA typical day for a teacher begins at as early as 7:30 am with the morning assembly, sometimes stomach empty yet hands filled with students’ notebooks. Having lived a life as a teacher for a long time, I am very much included in this category. No matter what the society says, I respect and love my teaching profession as I look at it as one of best professions in this world.




FB IMG 1502992037077Just as the fingers on our hand are different, there are different types of teachers. There are teachers who always go some extra mile. These teachers and persons should be duly acknowledged so that they can further move ahead. If your teaching becomes your passion, then there will be no problem. Just like the way runners in cross country race develop second wind, many teachers have been experiencing this kind of second wind and they can easily go some extra mile without much effort.




IMG20170822094655 copy 2Among many teachers who have similar stories to share, here is an English teacher in a far-flung south India who has started a letter exchange program among nearby Sambhota school, TCV school and Sera school. At a time when most of us are adept in sending quick messages using gadgets, she let her children exchange letters with the students of these two schools. It may be difficult to handle the delivery and other formalities but she is fully committed to give this true learning experience for her students.




FB IMG 1505570809597Letter exchange may not be always restricted within the school, it can go beyond and one should be ready to go little extra as a teacher provided that whatever you are doing is for the benefit of your young children.


   Tenzin Dhargyal (TPD)