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The day you stop learning is the day you stop living ARE YOU LEARNING?

The day you stop learning is the day you stop living ARE YOU LEARNING?

Chotop tashi (mr)
TGT( eng.& soc..)
TCV school chauntra

I think most of you will agree with em if I say ' learning is very important and must make it continuous in our life ' but most of you will come forward angrily to chop my head off if I say that " most of us don't learn in our day to day life". Well, that is hard to deny, as it is the truth. According to what is seen in the Tibetan society, people mostly stop learning as soon as they acquire master degree or after getting a work experience of five years.



Normally we define learning as reading newspapers, magazines, listening to radio, watching television and acquiring degrees from universities but here I m defining the learning from the perspective of its application in our day to day life. It consists of following things and more.


(1) Application of all types of theories that we have learnt in your classroom.

(2) Application of what we have read from the books.

(3) Maturity in thinking and decision making.

(4) Learning from mistake or not repeating the wrong thing that we have committed knowingly or unknowingly.

(5) Being a social animal we can learn lots of things from past experiences.

(6) So if we doing any of these things in our life then we are called as learned people.

(7) Look at the following incidents that normally take place with us in different walks of life.

(8) How often do we hear our elders, parents and other telling us, " I have seen the world, my child I don't need to learn from you"

(9) Sometimes we visit monasteries and have audience with great lamas and we exclaim, "such a wonderful holy person, doing such a great things in service of all human beings and animals" but when it comes to application or learning fron the incidents, we just tend to ignore everything.

(10) Two people might be doing same thing, when you are doing it you are right but when other are doing the same thing they are wrong in your point of view.

(11) You say a lot of things on the speech about what are you doing but in practice nothing is being done as spoken.

(12) "the fact that I am your boss is a proof that I am learned. I don't have to learn from you" how often have we seen our senior making this kind of comments on newcomers in direct manner as well as in sarcastic way.

So in my point of view these are the some of proofs that we do not really learn in our life. The learning can be categorized into two as negative learning and positive learning. Suppose we see something wrong and adopt it that is called negative learning. If we practice something good as we have seen before it is called positive learning. Le me share one story with you, which once I read in newspaper.

"there were two brother. One was nice, doing very well in life and career. He was respected in the society and usually appreciated by friends and people around him. His family was caring and supportive. On the other hand, his brother, who was also living in the same colony but was, not, does very well in life. He was alcoholic, drug addict and roaming here and there like tramps. He uses to beat his wife and children and use to fight with almost anyone.


One day few people of the colony thought of asking these two brothers that thought you are born to same parents, how you are poles apart in your behavior and attitude. They asked the " bad brother" and he replied " when I was kid, my father was alcoholic, use to beat us, use to roam like tramp. So, of course, I am his son and hence like this. How you can expect me to be good? " then these people asked the other brother the " good brother". He said, "when I was kid, my father was alcoholic, use to beat us, use to roam like tramp. But, I thought and decided that I will not do to my family what he did to us".


Therefore learning can be negative as well as positive. It does depend on you. Its always depends on us that what learning we are taking from western culture. Why don't we take positive things such as systematic in working, more process oriented, les corruption, more pragmatic and more straightforward in attitude. One must learn not only everyday but also every moment of each day. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.


Just see, if you are still learning or have stopped learning? Are you learning?