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Lesson Plan


english-class-ixObjective:       Students will be able:       > to review all the types of conditionals they have learned.       > reinforce their knowledge of zero and first conditionals by          playing language games.Download Lesson Plan: Conditionals


social-science-class-x-p01Objectives and Outcomes:(1) Students will comprehend the basic meaning of Globalization.(2) Students will analyze the conditions required for the expansion of Globalization.(3) Students will familiarize about the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization.(4) Students will lay emphasis on on the emergence of Multi National Corporations (MNCs) through Globalization.(5) Students will acquaint with the negative consequences of Globalization on Socio-Economic, Political and      Environment.Download Lesson Plan: Globalization

Human Resources

social-science-class-viii-p02Objective:My topic will enable our students to know the clear meaning of human resources-> how the growth of population change with the change in the    birth and death rate of the population> they will learn all the major factors affecting the distributions    of population. Donwload Lesson Plan: Human Resources

The Seven Ages

english-class-ixObjectives:By the end of the day my children will able to-(1) Understand the first three stanzas thoroughly.(2) Let them know the sequence of the seven ages mentioned by William      Shakespeare.(3) Understand the meaning of certain new words.(4) Develop four skills in English language(5) Ask and give information, express views and opinion freely.Download Lesson Plan: The Seven Ages

What, Where, How and When?

social-science-class-vi-p02Objectives:Pupil will be able to-(1) recall the meaning of history(knowledge)(2) Explain what they know about the past(understanding)(3) Identify the places where people lived(Knowledge)(4) Locate rivers on India Map(Application)(5) Recall the meaning of gatherer(knowledge)(6) Name the rivers(knowledge)(7) Reason out why people moved from one place to another(understanding)(8) Appreciate the thinking capability of the people in ancient times(Values)Download Lesson Plan: What, Where, How and When?

'Chivvy' by Michael Rosen

english-class-viiObjectives of the lesson:(1) To ensure that children understand the word 'chivvy'(2) To introduce the type of sentence that is used in the poem which is Imperative sentence(3) To improve students' speaking skill (personal experience)(4) To make children do a small creative writing using sentence frame Download Lesson Plan: 'Chivvy' by Michael Rosen

Linear equation in one variable

maths-class-viiiObjectives:Students will be able to-(1) Find the like terms(2) Transposing the like term(3) Solve the equation having the variable both sideDownload Lesson Plan: Linear equation in one variable

Geography Lesson

english-class-viiiObjectives:(1) To enable to increase their word power.(2) To encourage reading the poem by special emphasis on intonation and stress.(3) To develop their reading level.(4) To make them able to understand about the poetic devices used in this poem.(5) Let them practice of map studies.(6) Encourage them about reciting the poem in oral.Download Lesson Plan: Geography Lesson

Frog and Nightingale

english-class-xObjectives:(1) To enable students to read stanza of poem with correct pronunciation(2) To grasp the meaning of stanza(3) To acquaint students with the content of the poem 'Frog and Nightingale'(4) To encourage students to use new words and phrases(5) To acquaint them with the usage of poetic devices used in this poemDownload Lesson Plan: Frog and Nightingale

Cell Organelles (Parts of Cell)

science-class-viiiObjectives:To introduce students to the basic components of the cell namely-1) Cell membrane2) Cytoplasm and3) Nucleus          a) Students will learn the functions of those organelles and              realize their importance in a cell.          b) Students will be able to identify those parts in a cell.Download Lession Plan: Cell Organelles (Parts of Cell)

Chivvy (poem)

english-class-viiObjectives of the lesson:(1) Enabling students to enjoy poem.(2) Understanding the imperative sentences. Download Lesson Plan: Chivvy (poem)


science-class-ixObjectives: (1) To show that oil and water are immiscible. (2) To show that emulsifier help to mix oil and water to form emulsion. (3) To identify best emulsifier through an activityDownload Lesson Plan: Topic Emulsifier

THE KITE by Harry Behn

english-class-viLearning Objectives: (1) To introduce the poem (PKT). (2) To acquaint the pupils with words in the poem. (3) To sharpen and enhance the listening skills.Download Lesson Plan: Topic THE KITE by Harry Behn

Basic Structure of Atom 2

science-class-viiiLearning objective:(1) Enable the students to know the constituents/ composition of an atom. (2) Enable the students to know the location of subatomic particles. (3) Enable the student to know the rules to fill electrons in different shells. (4) Enable them to know that almost whole mass of an atom is due to the mass of protons and neutrons present in the nucleus of an atom. (5) To introduce the Bohr-Bury scheme / model.Download Lesson Plan: Topic Basic Structure of Atom 2

Basic Structure of Atom

science-class-viiiObjectives: (1) Enable the students to know that matter are made up of atoms. (2) That atom is extremely small to be imagined. (3) Atoms in turn are made up of subatomic particles. (4) Enable the students to locate these subatomic particles roughlyDownload Lesson Plan: Topic Basic Structure of Atom

Topic Reproduction in Organisms

science-class-xii-biologyInstructional Objectives: Students will be able to:(1) Define Parthenogenesis. (2) Compare internal fertilization and external fertilization. (3) Describe post-fertilization changes in a flower. (4) Reason out why offspring of oviparous animals at a greater risk as compared to offspring of viviparous animals Download Lesson Plan: Topic Reproduction in Organisms

Topic The School Boy by William Blake

english-class-viiiLearning Objective: (1) Develop the four basic skills of language (2) Develop silent reading (3) Discuss on different types of schools (4) Suggest their ideas on how to make school a joyful and an enjoyable place (5) Discuss the central theme of the poem (6) Make them aware of the new words, its meanings and usage (7) Frame a sentence of the new words (8)Identify rhyming pattern (9)Give cloze reading (10)Give choral response... Download Lesson Plan: Topic The School Boy by William Blake

Topic Malala Yousafzai

english-class-xObjective: Students will be able to:(1) Practice their spoken English. (2) Practice their listening skill. (3) Reinforce their knowledge of direct and indirect speech in the context of a news report. (4) Be sensitive to the global issues: effect of terrorism on people's life. Teaching Aids:(1) Laptop, mini speakers, video clip of BBC interview with Malala Yousafzai, map of Asia Resource: YouTube and BBC Interview of Malala... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Malala Yousafzai

Topic Short stories speech by Steve Jobs

english-class-xLearning objectives/outcomes:With the help of the contents mentioned above and a thorough discussion and activities based on the same, I will be able to help my students in:-(1) Developing their basic skills of language viz., listening, speaking, reading and writing. (2) Getting ideas about the importance of Inclusive and Vocational Education.(3) Enriching and enhancing their word power by adding some new words to their vocabulary. (4)Learning how to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar lexical items. (6)Developing local and global comprehension of a poem and other short texts... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Short stories, speech by Steve Jobs

Topic Discursive Essay Introduction

english-class-ixTeaching Objectives: To guide the students:(1) To infer thesis of an essay when it is implied. (2) To practice identifying thesis of an essay when it is implied. (3) To analyze the techniques used to arouse reader's curiosity. (4) To relate to what they read to their writing Desired Learning Outcome: Students will be able to:(1) To infer implied thesis of an essay. (2) To analyze the techniques used to arouse reader's curiosity and to apply them in their writing... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Discursive Essay Introduction

Topic Essay Introduction

english-class-xiLearning Objective: (1) What does introduction consist of? (2) How to make introduction interesting?Teaching Aids: cut-outs Resources:(1) Oxford Essential Guide to writing – Thomas S. Kane (2) Top School Essays – Andy Richardson... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Essay Introduction

Topic How I taught my grandmother to rea…

english-class-xiLearning Objective: (1) To encourage them to share their views on the said topic. (2) To enhance their speaking skills (asking them to share their own experience. (3) To enable them to relate their personal experience to that of the subject matter (lesson)(4) To enrich their vocabulary and let them make sentences in their own English... Download Lesson Plan: Topic How I taught my grandmother to read

Topic Writing/Description-(place, events…

english-class-xiLearning Objective: (1) To help them understand the basic writing skill in " short composition" comprising Biographical sketch and description (2)To make the learners develop in writing by expression of ideas in clear and grammatically correct English, organizing well planned... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Writing/Description-(place, events, process, person, Biographical sketch)

Topic Ozymandias

english-class-xLearning Objective: (1) Develop their basic skills of language viz., listening, speaking, reading and writing. (2) Understand the theme of the poem and the message conveyed through the same. (3) Add some new words to their vocabulary and thereby enhance and enrich their word power. (4) Enjoy and appreciate the poem and the use of the poetic devices by the poet in this poem.(5) Compare Shakespeare's Sonnet 55 'Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments' already learned in term 1 with Shelley's Sonnet 'Ozymandias' in terms of the way in which Time is treated by the two poets... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Ozymandias

Topic Evolution of UNO

political-science-class-xiiObjectives: Students will:(1) Understand the importance and need of international organization. (2) Know the international organization before 1945. (3) Understand the evolution of UN. (4) Be able to identify organization of UN... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Evolution of UNO

Topic What is democracy

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:Pupil will be able to(1) Gain confident in speaking in front of the class. (2) Feel the life of teaching. (3) Take responsibility(4) Do some extent of research by reading related books and browsing from the internet. (4) Make use of their skill/creativity in this teaching activity. (5) Recall, recognize and identify the theme or the content of the chapter.(6) Learn the chapter by their own without any support/actual teaching from the teacher. (7) Learn the spirit of group working/cooperating with each other/ supporting each other. (8) Know the value of time... Download Lesson Plan: Topic What is democracy?

Topic Laws of motion

science-class-ixLearning Objective:(1) Effects of forces. (2) Type of force. (3)Newton's laws of motion. (4) First law of motion (laws of inertia). (5) Liner momentum (p), S.I Unit p=m. (6) Newton's IInd law of motion. (7) F=ma (Newton=N. (8) N=I kgm/s2. (9) Mathematical formula of F= ma. (10) Applications of second law of motion. Download Lesson Plan: Topic Laws of motionl

Topic Cell membrane

science-class-ixObjectives: To enable the students to:(1) Know the basic structure and composition of cell membrane. (2) Understand the concept of selectively permeable membrane. (3) Understand the process of Osmosis. (4) Know the type of solution i.e. hypotonic, Isotonic and hypertonic solution Download Lesson Plan: Topic Cell membrane

Topic Exchange of respiratory gases

science-class-xSpecific Objectives:At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:(1) Explain the exchange of respiratory gases in plants. (2) Distinguish exchange of respiratory gases in terrestrial animals and aquatic animals. (2) Describe respiration in human in general. (3)Recall exchange of respiratory gases in Alveoli. (4)Construct human respiratory system Download Lesson Plan: Topic Exchange of respiratory gases

Topic Tissue, Force and Laws of motion

science-class-ixLearning objectives/outcomesBy the end of the week, my students, with the help of proper demonstration and activities based on the contents mentioned above will be able to(1)Recall the three different types of muscular tissue and their special features and functions. (2) Identify the three types of muscular tissue from their diagrams. (3) Learn about the characteristic features and functions of the nervous tissue. (4) Draw and label the various parts of a nerve cell or neuron. (5) Understand force and cite various examples where force is applied.... Download Lesson Plan: Topic 1. Tissue, 2. Force and Laws of motion

Topic States of matter

science-class-ixGeneral objectives: to enable the students to(1) Define matter. (2) State the properties of matter. (3) Differentiate three state of matter on the basis of(a) Hardness. (b)Density. (c) Compressibility. (d) Kinetic energy. (e)Diffusion.(4) Classify different matter around us on the basis of their physical properties. (5)Site more examples of three states of matter... Download Lesson Plan: Topic States of matter

Topic Major Domains of the earth

social-science-class-vi-p02General Objective:(1) Development in sense of exploring and discovery thought. (2) Arouse the interest among the pupils in discovering the world physical features. Specific Objectives:(1) Enable the pupils to understand the meaning and features of Lithosphere and continent. (2) Familiarize the students to the world we live in.(3) Development of knowledge about the formation of earth with reference to the continent and ocean basin... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Major Domains of the earth

Topic Do Laws Apply to All?

social-science-class-viii-p02Specific Objectives:(1) To make the students understand about the Importance of Laws. (2) To make the students to know about the British Government in India. (3) To make the students acknowledgement on arbitrary laws in nature. (4) To Understand "How new laws comes in Indian Constitution"... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Do Laws Apply to All?

Topic Gender

social-science-class-x-politicInstructional Objectives:This topic will enable the pupil to know that gender differences can take the form of social division and inequalities and how it gets expressed in politics. They will also learn that these differences are healthy or otherwise in a democracy... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Gender

Topic Role of the Government in Health

social-science-class-viii-p02Objectives:-The students will be able to(1) Know the meaning of the word 'Health'. (2) Appreciate the different measures set up by the Govt. in order to provide health services. (3) Understand in detail about 2 health care services in India. (4) Learn some ways and measures for keeping oneself healthy. (5) Enrich their vocabulary by learning different new words such as Health, Public, Private, Blood Bank, Communicable disease, OPD, Living Standard etc. Download Lesson Plan: Topic Role of the Government in Health

Topic Heron’s formula

maths-class-ixGeneral objective:To introduce students about the shape of triangles and their areas.Teaching aids: Green board, chalk, duster, text-book and rough copy, triangle models different shapes.Teaching methods: Defining all the mathematical terms and definitions and related triangle.Approches: Asking students for their problems and checking home work and class-assignment... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Heron's formula

Topic Joint stock company

maths-class-xiTeaching Objectives:(1) Meaning & Features of the Joint stock company by relating to their previous knowledge. Understanding of the features through inductive method. (2) Concept of 'share' in the formation of a Company. (3) Difference between companies private & public. (4) Factor effecting the choice of forms (ownership) of business organization... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Joint stock company

Topic Sacrificing Ratio

maths-class-xiiTeaching Objectives:Lesson contents:(1) Calculation of sacrificing Ratio(a) Meaning of sacrificing Ratio: Ratio in which old partners sacrifice their share of profit in favour of the new partner. (b) Purpose: The amount of goodwill, brought in cash by new partner must be shared in sacrificing ratio; therefore calculation of sacrificing ratio is must.(i)Sacrificing Ratio: Old Ratio-New Ratio(c) Difference between Sacrificing Ratio & New Profit sharing ratio... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Sacrificing Ratio

Topic Recruitment and Sources of Recruit

maths-class-xiiGeneral Objectives: The Pupils(1) Recall the steps in the process of staffing. (2) Understands all these steps in the process of staffing.(3)Applies the knowledge in the form of examples. (4)Identifies recruitment and sources of recruitment.Specific Objectives: The Pupils(1)Recognize recruitment as an aspect of staffing. (2) Understand source of recruitment internal and external sources. (3)Applies the knowledge in the form of examples. (4) Identifies external sources of recruitment... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Recruitment and Sources of Recruit

Topic Types of sets

maths-class-xiLesson Objectives:To enable the students to(1) State the types of sets. (2) Identify the types to which a particular given set belongs. (3) Define subsets. (4) Identify the subset of a given set. (5) Differentiate amongst the various types of sets. (6) Write power sets of given sets. (7) State the number of subsets of a set without actually finding the subsets using formula... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Types of sets

Topic Origin of Transaction

maths-class-xiLearning Objectives: Students will be able to understand the meaning of vouchers.(1) Students will be able to know the different types of voucher. (2)Students will be able to know the meaning of supporting voucher. (3)Students will be able to define Accounting voucher. (4)Students will be able to know the kinds of supporting voucher.(5) Students will be able to know the different accounting voucher... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Chemical effects of electric current

Topic Poem

english-class-viInstruction objectives: To enable the students too(1) Understand the poem thoroughly and enjoy it. (2) Develop four basic skills in English language. (3) Respond confidently and effectively when asked question by their teacher. (4) Do the task assigned by their teacher willingly... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Poem

Topic The Arab and the Camel

english-class-viiiLearning Objective: Listening for contextual references and writing down the exact version of the original text.Technique: Jigsaw Dictation.  Focus: Listening, writing, reading, speaking... Download Lesson Plan: Topic The Arab and the Camel

Topic The Ant and the Cricket

english-class-viiiLearning activity:(1) Teacher will narrate one short fable story by using available props. (2) Let the learner recall and share the fable story with their desk mate. (3) One or two volunteer student will narrate the fable story to the entire class. (4) Students will read the provided fable story by teacher and will draw moral of story of their own.(5)Students will stick their morals on the wall... Download Lesson Plan: Topic The Ant and the Cricket

Topic Modern approach American approach

maths-class-xiAccording to modern approach, all the business transaction can be classified as assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses and capital, and rules of debit and credit are based on these five categories.Teaching methodologies:(1) Question and answer session. (To recall what were taught in the previous class.) (2) Explanatory method (Rules of debit and credit according to modern approach i.e. on the basis on Assets, Liabilities, Capital, Revenue and Expenses) (3) Simple to complex method. (4) Recapitulation... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Modern approach American approach

Topic Father to Son by Elizabeth Jenning…

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:(1)To make learners know and understand the relationship between father and son. (2) Critical Thinking: To make learners analyze why relationship between parents and children break down.(3) To introduce the tools of poetry such as metaphor, simile and personification... Download Lesson Plan: Topic Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings

Topic Properties of materials Appearance…

science-class-viLearning Objectives:(1) Students will be able to sort materials/objects based on its appearance and hardness. Teaching Aids:(1) Paper, cardboard, wood (pieces), cotton, wire, aluminum sheet, chalk, cotton/sponge, metal key, candle wax, a pebble/stone Download Lesson Plan: Topic Properties of materials: Appearance and hardness

Topic Effects of Force

science-class-viiiGeneral Objectives: To enable the students to:(1) Experience force in our daily life. (2) Understand effects of force. (3) Site examples on various effects of force. (4) Differentiate between types of force. (5) State difference between contact and non-contact force. (6) Classify different types of force as contact or non-contact force Download Lesson Plan: Topic Effects of Force

Tppic Properties of materials solubility

science-class-viLearning Objectives:(1)Sort the materials based on its solubility. (2)Know the solubility of solid materials in water and alcohol. (3)Know the solubility of some liquid in water and alcohol.Teaching Aids:Solid samples (Chalk, candle wax, powder sand, saw dust, salt) Liquid samples (water, mustard oil, coconut oil, alcohol)Test tube, droppers, watch glass. Download Lesson Plan: Topic Properties of materials solubility

Topic The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwan…

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:(1) To make learners learn about Kushwant Singh's Grandmother and examine the relationship between grandmother and grandson. (2) To make learners ponder/ reflect on the themes of differences caused by generation gap.3) Language Study: (a) To male learners practice their reading, writing and conversational skills. (b) To make them practice the past tense. (c) To increase learners' Vocabulary... Download Lesson Plan: Topic The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh

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