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Topic Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:
(1)To make learners know and understand the relationship between father and son. (2) Critical Thinking: To make learners analyze why relationship between parents and children break down.(3) To introduce the tools of poetry such as metaphor, simile and personification...

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Topic The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:
(1) To make learners learn about Kushwant Singh's Grandmother and examine the relationship between grandmother and grandson. (2) To make learners ponder/ reflect on the themes of differences caused by generation gap.
3) Language Study: (a) To male learners practice their reading, writing and conversational skills. (b) To make them practice the past tense. (c) To increase learners' Vocabulary...

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Topic What is democracy

english-class-xiLearning Objectives:Pupil will be able to
(1) Gain confident in speaking in front of the class. (2) Feel the life of teaching. (3) Take responsibility(4) Do some extent of research by reading related books and browsing from the internet. (4) Make use of their skill/creativity in this teaching activity. (5) Recall, recognize and identify the theme or the content of the chapter.(6) Learn the chapter by their own without any support/actual teaching from the teacher. (7) Learn the spirit of group working/cooperating with each other/ supporting each other. (8) Know the value of time...

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