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'Chivvy' by Michael Rosen

english-class-viiObjectives of the lesson:
(1) To ensure that children understand the word 'chivvy'
(2) To introduce the type of sentence that is used in the poem which is Imperative sentence
(3) To improve students' speaking skill (personal experience)
(4) To make children do a small creative writing using sentence frame

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Chivvy (poem)

english-class-viiObjectives of the lesson:
(1) Enabling students to enjoy poem.
(2) Understanding the imperative sentences.

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Geography Lesson

(1) To enable to increase their word power.
(2) To encourage reading the poem by special emphasis on intonation and stress.
(3) To develop their reading level.
(4) To make them able to understand about the poetic devices used in this poem.
(5) Let them practice of map studies.
(6) Encourage them about reciting the poem in oral.
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THE KITE by Harry Behn

english-class-viLearning Objectives:
(1) To introduce the poem (PKT). (2) To acquaint the pupils with words in the poem. (3) To sharpen and enhance the listening skills.
Download Lesson Plan: Topic THE KITE by Harry Behn

Topic Poem

english-class-viInstruction objectives: To enable the students too
(1) Understand the poem thoroughly and enjoy it. (2) Develop four basic skills in English language. (3) Respond confidently and effectively when asked question by their teacher. (4) Do the task assigned by their teacher willingly...

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