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Topic The Ant and the Cricket

english-class-viiiLearning activity:
(1) Teacher will narrate one short fable story by using available props. (2) Let the learner recall and share the fable story with their desk mate. (3) One or two volunteer student will narrate the fable story to the entire class. (4) Students will read the provided fable story by teacher and will draw moral of story of their own.(5)Students will stick their morals on the wall...

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Topic The Arab and the Camel

english-class-viiiLearning Objective:
Listening for contextual references and writing down the exact version of the original text.
Technique: Jigsaw Dictation.  Focus: Listening, writing, reading, speaking...

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Topic The School Boy by William Blake

english-class-viiiLearning Objective:
(1) Develop the four basic skills of language (2) Develop silent reading (3) Discuss on different types of schools (4) Suggest their ideas on how to make school a joyful and an enjoyable place (5) Discuss the central theme of the poem (6) Make them aware of the new words, its meanings and usage (7) Frame a sentence of the new words (8)Identify rhyming pattern (9)Give cloze reading (10)Give choral response...

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Topic The School Boy Poem

english-class-viiiLearning Objectives:
(1) Enjoy the poem thoroughly. (2) Appreciate the beauty of poem writing. (3) Understand the poem in detail. (4) Enrich their vocabulary by learning many new words and their usage. (5) Learn the figurative and literal meaning of the poem. (6) Improve their skills. (7) Learn how to overcome their problems by sharing with others. (8) Learn why the school boy in the poem is unhappy...

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