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   Students will be able:
       > to review all the types of conditionals they have learned.
       > reinforce their knowledge of zero and first conditionals by
          playing language games.

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Frog and Nightingale

(1) To enable students to read stanza of poem with correct pronunciation
(2) To grasp the meaning of stanza
(3) To acquaint students with the content of the poem 'Frog and Nightingale'
(4) To encourage students to use new words and phrases
(5) To acquaint them with the usage of poetic devices used in this poem
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The Seven Ages

By the end of the day my children will able to-
(1) Understand the first three stanzas thoroughly.
(2) Let them know the sequence of the seven ages mentioned by William
(3) Understand the meaning of certain new words.
(4) Develop four skills in English language
(5) Ask and give information, express views and opinion freely.
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Topic Discursive Essay Introduction

english-class-ixTeaching Objectives: To guide the students:
(1) To infer thesis of an essay when it is implied. (2) To practice identifying thesis of an essay when it is implied. (3) To analyze the techniques used to arouse reader's curiosity. (4) To relate to what they read to their writing

Desired Learning Outcome: Students will be able to:
(1) To infer implied thesis of an essay. (2) To analyze the techniques used to arouse reader's curiosity and to apply them in their writing...

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Topic Essay Introduction

english-class-xiLearning Objective:
(1) What does introduction consist of? (2) How to make introduction interesting?
Teaching Aids: cut-outs Resources:
(1) Oxford Essential Guide to writing – Thomas S. Kane (2) Top School Essays – Andy Richardson...

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