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Linear equation in one variable

Students will be able to-
(1) Find the like terms
(2) Transposing the like term
(3) Solve the equation having the variable both side
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Topic Number System

I will do the recapitulation of all the system they'd done earlier (I-IV) by discussing (asking definition of each system with examples) and giving my view. I will also introduction new no. Systems (V-VI) with the examples. When they become learn about each of the systems, they will do the following exercise for proper understanding.

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Topic Polygons

maths-class-viiiLearning Objectives:
(1) Students will be able to identify Polygon and Non-Polygon. (2) Students will be able to identify polygons as either Concave Polygon or Convex Polygon. (3) Students will be able to name the polygons based on number of sides.

Material Required:
(A) Charts. (B) Handout Papers. (C) Geoboards & Rubber bands. (D) Glue. (E) Magnet

Download Lesson Plan: Topic Polygons