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Music Lesson Plan

 The students will be able to identify storyline and contractions in the song “Tie a Yellow Yellow Ribbon” lyrics, as they experience a steady beat, use rhythm instruments and sing on pitch: 1st Day: Introduce the song lyrics identifying the meaning of.....For more details visit: www.lessonplanspage.com


To start off the unit, the entire class will learn a dance to the piece Hoe-Down from Rodeo composed by Aaron Copland. This introductory activity should be led by the instructor who will teach the dance to the children..... For more details visit: www.teachers.net


K = What you KNOW – students write down what they already know about a topic. W = What you WANT to know – students write down what they would like to know about the topic. L = What you LEARNED – toward the end of the unit, students write down what they learned about the topic.....For more details visit: www.lessonplans.com