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Topic Cell membrane

science-class-ixObjectives: To enable the students to:
(1) Know the basic structure and composition of cell membrane. (2) Understand the concept of selectively permeable membrane. (3) Understand the process of Osmosis. (4) Know the type of solution i.e. hypotonic, Isotonic and hypertonic solution

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Topic Exchange of respiratory gases

science-class-xSpecific Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
(1) Explain the exchange of respiratory gases in plants. (2) Distinguish exchange of respiratory gases in terrestrial animals and aquatic animals. (2) Describe respiration in human in general. (3)Recall exchange of respiratory gases in Alveoli. (4)Construct human respiratory system

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Topic Laws of motion

science-class-ixLearning Objective:
(1) Effects of forces. (2) Type of force. (3)Newton's laws of motion. (4) First law of motion (laws of inertia). (5) Liner momentum (p), S.I Unit p=m. (6) Newton's IInd law of motion. (7) F=ma (Newton=N. (8) N=I kgm/s2. (9) Mathematical formula of F= ma. (10) Applications of second law of motion.

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Topic States of matter

science-class-ixGeneral objectives: to enable the students to
(1) Define matter. (2) State the properties of matter. (3) Differentiate three state of matter on the basis of
(a) Hardness. (b)Density. (c) Compressibility. (d) Kinetic energy. (e)Diffusion.
(4) Classify different matter around us on the basis of their physical properties. (5)Site more examples of three states of matter...

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Topic Tissue, Force and Laws of motion

science-class-ixLearning objectives/outcomes
By the end of the week, my students, with the help of proper demonstration and activities based on the contents mentioned above will be able to
(1)Recall the three different types of muscular tissue and their special features and functions. (2) Identify the three types of muscular tissue from their diagrams. (3) Learn about the characteristic features and functions of the nervous tissue. (4) Draw and label the various parts of a nerve cell or neuron. (5) Understand force and cite various examples where force is applied....

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