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Human Resources


My topic will enable our students to know the clear meaning of human resources-
> how the growth of population change with the change in the 
   birth and death rate of the population
> they will learn all the major factors affecting the distributions
   of population.

Donwload Lesson Plan: Human Resources

Topic Do Laws Apply to All?

social-science-class-viii-p02Specific Objectives:
(1) To make the students understand about the Importance of Laws. (2) To make the students to know about the British Government in India. (3) To make the students acknowledgement on arbitrary laws in nature. (4) To Understand "How new laws comes in Indian Constitution"...

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Topic Major Domains of the earth

social-science-class-vi-p02General Objective:
(1) Development in sense of exploring and discovery thought. (2) Arouse the interest among the pupils in discovering the world physical features.

Specific Objectives:
(1) Enable the pupils to understand the meaning and features of Lithosphere and continent. (2) Familiarize the students to the world we live in.(3) Development of knowledge about the formation of earth with reference to the continent and ocean basin...

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Topic Role of the Government in Health

social-science-class-viii-p02Objectives:-The students will be able to
(1) Know the meaning of the word 'Health'. (2) Appreciate the different measures set up by the Govt. in order to provide health services. (3) Understand in detail about 2 health care services in India. (4) Learn some ways and measures for keeping oneself healthy. (5) Enrich their vocabulary by learning different new words such as Health, Public, Private, Blood Bank, Communicable disease, OPD, Living Standard etc.

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What, Where, How and When?

Pupil will be able to-
(1) recall the meaning of history(knowledge)
(2) Explain what they know about the past(understanding)
(3) Identify the places where people lived(Knowledge)
(4) Locate rivers on India Map(Application)
(5) Recall the meaning of gatherer(knowledge)
(6) Name the rivers(knowledge)
(7) Reason out why people moved from one place to another(understanding)
(8) Appreciate the thinking capability of the people in ancient times(Values)
Download Lesson Plan: What, Where, How and When?