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Existing TPD policies and practices in Tibetan schools

existing-tpdThe 1st Tibetan Education Advisory Committee Meeting was held on June 5-6, 2013. Based on the recommendations provided during the meeting, the Department of Education, in collaboration with The Tibet Fund, is initiating a 'Teacher Professional Development Project'. The project's primary focus is on producing a working document titled 'Teacher Professional Development Frameworks and Guidelines'. This document will guide teacher professional development programs and practices in Tibetan schools. Its mission is to help make teacher professional development practices more sustained and coherent. The document will highlight new paradigms and the current best practices in the field of teacher professional development. Unlike one-shot offsite workshops, this new approach will stress the paradigm shift in education that envision teachers' growth and development as a continuous process that is school-based, self-directed and collaborative in nature. After the formulation of the teacher professional development policy document, principals and headmasters of the 11 pilot schools in Dharamsala and Dehradun region will be given a workshop on this new approach to the teacher professional development.
However, it was felt that before framing such a document, it is important to review and understand the existing teacher professional development policies and practices within Tibetan school systems. Therefore, this status review research was carried out. Its purpose is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the existing practices and inform the processes of formulating the new document and the new approach to teacher professional development...

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