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Strategic roadmap for the Department of Education in Dharamshala

strategic-roadmap-for-the-DOE-in-dhasaFurther to our discussions, please find our proposal to the Tibet Fund and the Tibetan Department of Education to support a strategic review and prepare an educational roadmap for the Tibetan school system. This document is organized into four parts: 1) context and objectives 2) project methodology 3) team bios and 4) financials.

Dalberg recognizes that education is one of the fundamental building blocks for socio-economic development activities. We have worked extensively in this sector, both globally and within Asia, and we see this engagement as a remarkable opportunity to contribute to improving the existing education system in Dharamshala. We are excited by the prospect of supporting the Tibet Fund in this project and look forward to hearing from you.

Download PDF: Strategic roadmap for the Department of Education in Dharamshala