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Teacher Professional Development Framework and Guidelines

tpd-framework-and-guidelinesThis Professional Development Framework and Guidelines document has been developed to support the on-going professional growth and development efforts of educators within the Tibetan school system. The goal of this professional development project is to facilitate the professional growth of all educators, while also supporting and encouraging their efforts toward school-wide and system-wide growth and development goals.
Within the Tibetan education system, professional development opportunities have typically been centrally organized and facilitated by school system head offices and the Department of Education. This document provides a framework for a revised paradigm and structure that may more fully empower teachers and other educators in their efforts to better support students and communities. Rather than professional development initiatives being primarily directed from head offices, we envision a shift to a system-wide collaborative and consultative process in which individual educators are self-directed in their professional growth and development efforts, and head office provides substantial support. In order to empower teachers in becoming leaders and initiators of their own professional growth, a responsive and consultative leadership style is required of school and head office administrators and educational leaders.
The term "educator" can include all people who work in support of the growth and development of learners. Educators are teachers, school administrators, support staff, head office administrators and staff, student teachers, parents, care givers, etc. Although the primary emphasis in this document is on teachers, the philosophies and approaches proposed here are applicable to all educators. The methods and strategies suggested here can and should be adapted as appropriate to meet the needs of the various educational contexts and settings.
This document, and the Professional Development Project as a whole, must be considered to be a flexible and adaptable work-in-progress. Humans created this during a particular historical moment (2014), to address the perceived needs of the moment. Community circumstances and needs will change over time, and thus this document and the parameters of the project as a whole should be revisited and reassessed periodically.

Download PDF: Teacher Professional Development Framework and Guidelines