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Collaborative Practices in School (First Time)

sts-chuantra-03A two member team from Department of Education and Tibet Fund, Dharamsala visited STS Chauntra as a part of On-site school visit to give support and guidance about the Teacher Professional Development Program. During their visit, the team conducted the following sessions:
1. Attending one or two of the Collaborative Practices going in the school we visit
2. Meeting the teachers in the presence of the school Principals and discussing about their PGPs and sharing our thoughts and personal experiences
3. PowerPoint presentation on Teacher Professional Development and its importance
4. Collecting suggestions from the teachers regarding the implementation of the Collaborative practices
5. Filling a short survey questionnaire on TPD to assess the progress and its implication to their profession development
6. Introduction to the Facebook group and to the teachers to bring all the teachers together and share their ideas and thoughts.
7. Checking the log-book of the Teachers' Reading Corner books.


Collaborative Practices:
sts-chuantra-02Most of the collaborative practices were Co- teaching and mentoring. A science lesson, social lesson and an English lesson was demonstrated as a part of their collaborative practice. After the session, the teachers were given timely feedback and guidance such as the importance of making the lesson plan together, observing the lesson critically by the co-teacher, having post lesson conference, preparing a new lesson plan and demonstrating the lesson again were some of the feedbacks given by them. The teachers accepted the feedbacks and assured the team that they would incorporate those in their next practice.

10th April 2014: One day Intensive workshop on Teacher Professional Development was conducted at Chauntra Sambhota Tibetan School by the Department of Education with Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, Teachers Professional Development and Curriculum Officer at Tibetan Children Village School, Dharamsala as the resource person. The workshop was conducted with prior discussion with Mr. Bhutuk la, the Principal of the school.
Mr. Tsering Dhoundup la, the Education Officer, DoE who was accompanied by Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal, TEP Advisor at Tibet Fund, gave an introduction of the resource person, Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la and stressed on the importance of implementing this new project in various schools.

activity-08After that Mr. Kalsang la started the workshop, which was divided into two sessions. First session, he talked about how the Teacher Professional Development document came into being. Second session, he elaborately gave his presentation on various topics such as Collaborative Learning, Lesson Study, Professional Growth Plan from the TPD guidelines that have been distributed for the teachers. There were 24 teachers including the Headmaster and the Principal. During the workshop, Mr. Kalsang la also introduced some of the book for the Teacher's Reading corner. Speaking during the session, he said, " Teachers should not wait only for workshops and trainings as a part of developing professionally, they should make their own school Professional Development center by arranging discussions, lessons study etc".

The "Teacher's Professional Development Project" which came into being after rigorous discussions during the Education Advisory Council meeting, General Conference on Education and the school heads and Principals hopes to bring a new change in the education system in various Tibetan schools. The projected is being initiated by Department of Education with the fund from Tibet Fund and USAID. Presently, it is being implemented in 11 Pilot schools. And later it will be implemented in other Tibetan Schools as well. Earlier in January the school Heads and Principals of the 11 pilot schools had been given the workshop.

All the teachers gave full participation throughout the workshop session. The interaction between the teachers as well as with the resource person was very impressive.
The workshop was concluded with a vote of thanks from the school Head master Mr. Tenzin Choeyang la and requested the teachers to work towards Teacher Professional Development.