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STS Chauntra: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

STS-Chauntra-Pic1STS Chauntra: PGPs and Collaborative Practices
Sambhota Tibetan School Chauntra has 19 teachers who are under the Teacher professional Development program which directly benefits 400 students. Under the leadership of the new Principal Mr. Bhutuk Shatri la and the Headmaster Mr. Tenzin Choeyang la, the school has been implementing the project. The school had its Orientation cum workshop on Teacher Professional Development Program by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la during the new school session. Recently, the school had created a special time for the teachers to do their own PGPs and Collaborative practices.

STS-Chauntra-Pic2Professional Growth Plan (PGP):
After giving enough time for the teachers to think about their PGPs, the teachers set their own Professional Growth Plan. Most of them are working on their PGPs. The teachers are expected to submit their annual report about their own PGPs to the school head. During the visit to the school, one to one meeting with some of the teachers was done regarding the progress and suggestion about their PGPs.
Teachers' Reading Corner was installed in the staff room for easy access. The teacher-in charge maintained a log-book. The books in the Reading corner are used by the teachers for their PGPs and Collaborative practices.

STS-Chauntra-Pic3Collaborative Practices in the School:
Some of the collaborative practices followed in the school are Co-teaching and Lesson Study groups. The school has Primary and secondary section. Both the section have their own Collaborative practices. In the Primary section, there are three teachers and they had their collaborative teaching. They held the class together and demonstrated the lesson.


STS-Chauntra-Pic4Mathematics Lesson Study Group:
The mathematics teachers formed their own group and prepared a lesson plan for class 6-8 and 9-10. The two teachers met during free period and TPD session and followed the complete cycle of Lesson study. They had already submitted their lesson plan for the website. Apart from this lesson study, the two teachers worked together to give extra support for those who are weak in Mathematics.