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STS Petoen: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

Petoen-Pic1Sambhota Tibetan School Petoen has 33 teachers who are under this Teacher Professional Development Project initiated by the Department of Education, CTA which directly benefit its 292 students. Under the leadership of its Principal Mr. Tenzin Dorji la and the Junior School Headmistress Mrs. Dorji Dolma la, the school had already decided to focus on Professional Growth Plan (PGP) for the first semester and then the collaborative practices in the next semester.

The school had its Orientation and workshop by the school Principal himself way back in the month of March for both the Upper and Lower Petoen teachers. After giving enough time for the teachers to think on their Professional Growth Plan, the Principal collected all the PGPs of the teachers. The school had chalked out two TPD days to be observed this academic session, one on 24th May and the other one on 25th October. During these two days, the teachers share their PGPs, Lesson Plans, Class management strategies etc.

Petoen-Pic2TPD Day: 24th May 2014
A total of 30 teachers took part in the workshop. The workshop was a school based in which resources persons were the teachers from our own school. Mr. Tenzin Dorjee, Principal of the school in his introductory remark welcomed the teachers and talked about the background of Teacher's Professional Development and its importance. Mr. Samdup la, Primary teacher gave talk on the different aspects of education (Traditional and Modern), Mrs. Kunga Tsomo la, Pre-Primary teacher gave demonstration on Importance of Cleanliness for the Pre-Primary Kids and Mrs. Tenzin Choedon la (TGT), gave presentation on Teaching Strategies and Co-operative teaching through hands-on activities.

Petoen-Pic3In the afternoon, an informal interaction was organized to discuss and share the experience gathered so far regarding the Teacher's individual growth plan. The school Principal at the end gave presentation on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, Meaning of Education and activities being carried in the school in accordance with BEP. The school Principal applauded the sincere effort and determination put in by the teachers so far and requested them to carry on the legacy of hard work to bring positive changes in the society. An orientation for teachers of both upper and lower Petoen School was held at Sambhota Model School, Gangkyi. During the orientation program, teacher's professional growth plan was thoroughly discussed. Six groups were formed in which teachers actively took part in the discussion. They came out with some good ideas and plan for the academic session.

Teachers' Reading Corner:
The school has its Teachers' Reading corner installed in their Staff room so that the teachers can have better and easy access to the books. A log book has been maintained well. One teacher has been appointed to take care of the books, whatever books has been borrowed and returned are entered in the log book. The teachers use these books for their own PGPs as well as for their lesson study.

Petoen-Pic4Collaborative Practices in the school:
The school had moved on with their second step i.e. moving on with the collaborative practices in the second semester. At present the only collaborative practice the school has is Lesson Study Group. There are three lesson study groups namely Tibetan, English and mathematics in the Lower Petoen school. All the lesson study groups strictly followed the complete cycle of the Lesson Study that has been given in the Teacher professional Development Framework and Guidelines. The lesson plans developed by the teachers had been submitted to the school Principal.