Shillong Sambhota Tibetan School, Report on TPD, 2016.

Shillong Sambhota Tibetan School, Report on TPD, 2016.





How we overcome the problem


Pre collaborative meeting

Teachers of same subjects meet a week before the collaborative teaching to frame lesson plans together and to discuss which teaching materials will be more useful for the kids.

Discuss among teachers teaching same subject about which topic to be taught and what materials to be used. Sometimes, teachers switch classes among themselves.

Teachers seem to be limited with ideas owing to limited materials.

Teachers refer to internet and sometimes ask teachers of other schools about what they do and how they do.

Teachers share each other’s idea while framing lesson plans and teaching materials. Teachers get new knowledge due to sharing of ideas among themselves.

Peer observation

To let the teachers know what he/she is good at and those particular things he/she needs to upgrade to bring betterment in teaching.

Teachers of same subject observes while one teaches and at the end, observers jot down both the positive aspects and the negative too on the paper which is meant for feedback

Teachers seem to be not truth in pointing negative aspect of each other.

It is requested that teachers should not take the negative feedbacks personally and that it is professional and not personal.

Hence, to provide genuine feedback to each other, so that it brings improvement.

Through feedbacks, One knows about one’s positive and negative features and so as to continue the good ones and avoid the undesired ones.

Lesson plans

To frame lesson plan in a way that it facilitates the learning more effective

Teachers Sit together and discuss about which topic to be picked, how to begin, what teaching aids to be used etc. we aim to make activity based teaching. It’s a team work.

Post discussion about the lesson plan, teacher frame their own lesson plan according to their wish.

We focus on framing lesson plan based on activities.

Learning becomes fun and more fruitful when it is filled with activities.

Teaching aids(Personal articles related to teaching)

To use while teaching to make it more effective in the class room.

Asking and discussing with colleagues and teachers from other schools through wechat etc.

Find it difficult to make teaching aids which is fun-filled.

Referring to the internet and colleagues. Sometimes, it works in the class room.

Teaching through teaching aids brings excitement among kids.

Teaching reading corner

To upgrade teachers’ power of knowledge, so that one can have wide range of idea as a teacher.

Reading book from library, news, journals etc. We read books being provided to us by DOE.

Most of the teachers get engaged in preparing lesson plans, checking etc.

We read during the Drop everything and read’s period.

It helps to increase one’s knowledge, get new ideas about class room management etc.

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