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TPD kicked off at TCV Chauntra

TCV School Chauntra held an official function to kick off school-based Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programs for the 2015 school year. The school has close to 50 teachers and educators who will engage themselves in a variety of teacher-directed collaborative practices to foster their professional growth. The function was led by the school Principal Mr. Choeying Dhondup and the Headmaster Mr. Dawa Gyatso, and participated by all the teachers. Teachers shared their collaborative as well as individual professional growth plans and engaged themselves in dialogue to further explore topics chosen for this year.


TCV School Chauntra: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

TCV School Chauntra has 49 teachers who come under this Teacher Professional Development Project. Under the leadership of the School Principal Mr. Choeying Dhoundup la and the Headmaster Mr. Dawa Gyatso la and the Assistant Headmaster Mr. Karma Tashi la, the school is successfully implementing the project. The teachers are given the choice of choosing either PGP or Collaborative so that whatever the teachers chose will be more quality based. The project started with the Orientation and a workshop by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la followed by the implementation phase. Right now, most of the Lesson Study groups had their third cycle. The School had set two separate periods of 30 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday during which the teachers of both the Junior and Senior Sections do their PGPs or Collaborative Practices.


Teacher Professional Development

TCV Education Director has convened a meeting of Principals of TCV schools in HP in order to discuss the implementation of TPD Project on March 19, 2014. Followings are some the main outcomes of the meeting.
1. As per guidelines from the DoE/The Tibet Fund, TCV pilot schools will organize one collaborative learning program (book reading/discussion or lesson study or others) during the first semester. Since all the schools are relatively big with large number of teachers, such program will be organized section-wise (Junior, Middle, and Senior). School heads will discuss with their respective teachers and decide on the program by mid-April, 2014.