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Maths Lesson Study at Lower TCV

School-TCV-Lower-03jpg29th May 2014: As a part of Collaborative Learning, TCV Lower TCV Mathematic teachers opted for the Lesson Study. After the First stage i.e. preparing Lesson Plan together, the second stage Demonstration of the Lesson was done by Mr. Wangchuk la, Mathematics teacher.

The Lesson they had chosen was "Types of Polygon" of the Class VIII textbook. The lesson was observed by the School Principal, Maths team members and TEP members. The lesson lasted for full 50 minutes and it was filled with activities for the students. The teacher employed various teaching aids.
It was a great step towards the Collaborative learning especially the Lesson Study, which is being implemented successfully in Japan. Through this practice, the teachers will present a final refined Lesson Plan which will be eventually shared with other schools.... Download Lesson Plan