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Professional Book Discussion and Sharing Day

activity-03On June 28th around 2:30 pm, all our staff members gathered inside our computer laboratory for a simple farewell tea party for our transferred PGT Biology teacher named Mrs. Jigme Tselha. The same day was also earmarked for teachers' monthly meeting. In view of this, right after a short farewell formalities, we started with the professional book review program. As shown in the photos, Mrs. Tsering Bhuti, our senior English teacher and Mr. Kunchok Tsering-the Social Science teacher shared their newly gained knowledge and information from the books they read. In my opinion, both of them did a wonderful job in conveying the valuable key messages of the concerned writers and in fostering interests of reading.


activity-04After the book review session, all the non-teaching staff members were relieved and I started with my group activity program as highlighted in the collage photos attached. In the groups of five, teachers engaged in reading the handouts on Lesson Study, brainstorm on the questions asked, write them on the charts provided and shared the group work. It was truly encouraging to see the positive dispositions of the teachers. We closed the session exactly at 5:30 pm with the commitment to learn more the next day.


Outcome of the two interactive sessions are highlighted as under...

1. Teachers were inspired to read more professional books.
2. The concept of Lesson Study was solidified.
3. Understood the Lesson Study cycles in detail.
4. Were able to establish the common understanding of students' idle profile.
5. Managed to establish the common understanding of the actual status / situation of our students.
6. Understood the different questions that need to be considered when planning research lesson.
7. Learned the four levels of Lesson Study goals.
8. Were able to commit for the execution of at least two research lessons by each group with effect from the 2nd term.

TPD Orientation done in March
One and half hour interactive group session for teachers was held on 8th March (staff orientation session) to help them comprehend the essence of "Teacher Professional Development Framework and Guidelines" + one hour ppt presentation on "Constructivist Theory of Learning".


Lesson Study Groups:
A session on Lesson Study was done with presentation with examples from the TPD Guideline published by Sherig. Lesson study groups are planned.

Reading Corner Books:
All the professional Development books were displayed for the teachers to browse through. A separate room was set for these books. In the initial stage, teachers take turn to select a book and then shared with others during staff meeting. Other plan had been already laid.

Professional Growth Plan:
All the teachers including the Non- teaching staff have submitted their PGPs. As a follow – up they are reminded and asked about their progress.