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TPD Kicked off at Suja

2nd May 2015: TCV Suja: A brief function was held in the school hall right after the 3rd period to kick off the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programs of 2015 academic year. The function was attended by the school principal and the teaching staff of both the sections.

The program began with the prayer service to Manjushree, the lord of wisdom for a smooth and successful year. After that the school Principal talked briefly about the TPD and announced the weekly TPD days. He further thanked Sherig for providing some fund to make this program run smoothly in various schools. He also went into details the distribution of the time till October with exam break in between. He finally requested everyone to give importance to this program.


TCV School Suja PGPs and Collaborative Practices

TCV-School-Suja-Activity-01Under the leadership of the School Principal Mr. Karma Sherab Therchin la, TCV School Suja started its Teacher Professional Development Program with an intensive Orientation cum Workshop on the program. The school has 91 teachers enrolled in this program since 2013. The school has two sections; Junior Section (K -5 Grade) and Senior Section (6-12 Grades).

Right after the Orientation, the school implemented the practices from the month of April. All the Personal Growth Programs (PGPs) of the teachers are submitted to the school Principals. During section meetings, the teachers were reminded about their own PGPs. At the end of the academic session, all the teachers will submit their final report about their PGPs. The school created seventh period during which the teachers could work on their own collaborative practices and it was done every week.
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Teacher Professional Development

TCV Education Director has convened a meeting of Principals of TCV schools in HP in order to discuss the implementation of TPD Project on March 19, 2014. Followings are some the main outcomes of the meeting.
1. As per guidelines from the DoE/The Tibet Fund, TCV pilot schools will organize one collaborative learning program (book reading/discussion or lesson study or others) during the first semester. Since all the schools are relatively big with large number of teachers, such program will be organized section-wise (Junior, Middle, and Senior). School heads will discuss with their respective teachers and decide on the program by mid-April, 2014.