THF Mussoorie PGP Day

IMG 19606th December 2014: Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie had their annual Teachers Professional Development Deliberation Day on 6th December Saturday. Mr. Tashi Dhoundup la, Sambhota English resource person cum TPD consultant and Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal, the Education Consultant at Tibet Fund with request from DOE attended the day with the sole aim of giving feedback and guidance. The program started at 1:30 in the afternoon and lasted till 4 pm. The principal, headmasters and the teachers had formed three groups of PGT, TGT and TTC and each group in turn shared their PGP (yearly Professional Growth Plan) and its progress and the results. The teachers in all the three groups sincerely listened to one another's PGPs and discussed on varied points as and when needed.

With the academic year coming to an end, the 11 pilot schools, where Teacher Professional Development project is being implemented are celebrating their own TPD day, sharing their Professional Growth Plans and collaborative practices for the current year. At the same time, they celebrated their work with small refreshment arranged by the school head.

IMG 1961The two resource persons from Sherig in turn joined the groups, listened to their PGP goals. They spent about an hour in each group and shared their views and suggestions for better success in future. The main points, they both stressed and reminded to all the groups were:

1) Sharing few examples of PGPs done by teachers of other schools. Giving feedback on some of the PGP topics they had discussed in their groups.
2) The importance and significance of this Teacher Professional Development project initiated by the Department of Education with Fund from USAID through Tibet Fund.
3) Teacher is first a learner. The teacher should keep updating his/her knowledge not just the subject matter but the teaching methodology so that it will give positive influence in teaching students.
4) Keeping in mind the importance of this practice, the school should arrange special time for the teachers so that teachers can give their full attention and energy in their TPD activities
5) The importance of giving support and energy by both the stake holders; the school heads and the teachers.
6) The teachers were requested to go through to make maximum utilization of it. They were encouraged to join Facebook group Tibetan Educators' network for Professional Development to keep themselves updated with the latest educational news and developments.

The resource persons thanked the school heads and the teachers for their support and initiative and requested them to further plan well for their next professional Growth plan keeping in mind the importance of it in giving quality education to our future seeds of Tibet. After that, all were invited to the staff room where simple refreshment was arranged for this celebration.