Teachers and Beyond Religion

14322494 1266980266648441 4504611039321295758 nAs a part of the Teacher Professional Collaborative practices going in almost all the Tibetan schools under the Department of Education, CTA, a group of English teachers at TCV School Suja has chosen the book” Beyond Religion” authored by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.They read, discuss and try their best to bring some change in their day to day classroom teaching.



14445941 1266980173315117 4433903511568706245 nThe seven teachers first allotted themselves some of their TPD periods in reading the entire book individually, during the long summer break. After sometime, they gathered and pin pointed some of the contents which could be applied and practiced in their daily teachings in the classroom. Since then, from the summer break, they have been meeting in the Teacher’s Reading Corner room every week during the 7th period; a period allotted for the TPD practices, and sharing their contents and on how they would bring some change in their professional teachings.


A group of class IX students, who had also read the Tibetan version of this book “Beyond Religion”, had been called during one of the TPD sessions, to make the discussion more vibrant. The students shared their parts and their commitments one by one, which were highly commendable. It was really good to hear the students speak and share their experiences of reading His Holiness' book.


14344179 1266980073315127 1572468660297041441 nThe main aim of this book discussion, especially of His Holiness the Dalai Lama is to bring some change in our day to day teaching in the class. Whether its His Holiness or western Educationists, they both spoke highly about the importance of teaching with compassion, free from anger. As such, reading His Holiness book, we try to change and imbibe in us some of the qualities His Holiness wants to see in teachers. This will definitely be a great part of our Professional Development.