Teachers' Professional Development and Activities



Teacher Professional Development (TPD) is all about making ourselves better than what we were yesterday and individual accountability comes on the top list to make the TPD program a successful one.

From time to time, motivational encouragement is always in demand to keep the passion alive. To make the said program effective and productive, the school had a formal meeting in the beginning of the session and unanimously decided to carry forward the following activities: collaborative teaching, book review, peer teaching and professional growth plans.

Activity Detail


1. Collaborative Teaching

Aim: To get a refined lesson plan by following the observation cycle steps mentioned in TPD Framework and Guidelines (2014).


•    Form a team of teachers

•    Select topics

•    Develop learning goals

•    Design lesson plans

•    Conduct peer teaching and peer observation, as per the guidelines

•    Assess students progress toward learning goals

•    Peer analyzing and revision of lesson plan

•    Teach and analyze revised lesson again in a live class


•    Time consuming

•    Repeating the revised lesson in the same class bores the students.


•    Enabled a refined lesson plan at the end of the session.

•    Improves student learning outcomes

•    Promotes better understanding among the group members

collaborative teaching 3collaborative teaching 62. Teacher Reading Corner

Aim: To provide a platform for the teachers in sharing something substantial about the books they have read and encourage each other to explore more into one's interest


•    Three groups of teachers with teachers from different subject backgrounds in a group were formed.

•    A group leader was selected for each group to mediate the group discussion and to carry out book review session independently more often than not

•    Biannual book review session with all the three groups shall be conducted; one in the middle of the session and the other at the end.


•    Provides platform for sharing different pedagogies, thoughts, and experiences among teachers

•    Increases confidence level among teachers 

•    Cultivates reading habit

•    Improves critical thinking

•    Exposes to different ideas from the teachers and references

reading corner 3reading corner 4

3. Personal Growth Plan

Aim: To help teachers reflect and develop strategies for action toward improving and enriching their professional practice


•    Define plan/goal in the beginning of the session

•    Share PGP goals, challenges, and future plans during the session in the middle of the academic year

•    Submit a narrative report by the individual teacher in the month of December.


•    Gives opportunity to ponder on our strengths and weaknesses

•    Gives a picture of where we are and where we want to be; pushes us to find ways to reach our objectives

•    Generates motivation when we see the gradual development

•    Generates confidence among teachers



 4. Peer Observation/Mentoring

    Aim:  To improve teaching through discussion, constructive feedback, and reflection.

 How Often

•    At least twice a year


•    Time constrain; it is often very difficult to adjust periods


•    Increases self –awareness among the teachers

•    Get to observe new teaching techniques in a live class that you can emulate in future.