A Digital Portfolio

In this era of technology, each and every profession hasn't left any stone unturned in employing this in their day-to-day life routine. Experts say one of the skills of the 21st century educators is the use of technology. When everyone is going paperless these days, many teachers everywhere follow suit. 



The Sambhota Tibetan schools teachers especially Petoen school teachers have their own personal blogs where they keep their own resources, connect with the students, share with colleagues. The usage of technology saves lots of time writing their daily or weekly lesson plans. It will be easier also to keep updating their materials. And lots more.




Gen Lhakpa Wangyal la of Selakui has his own blog (https://cbsebio.blogspot.in). He has been maintaining his blog or digital portfolio since from his college days. Today, he has furthered developed and expanded his blog. He also shared his expertise with his colleagues during his Teacher professional development sessions in his school.

Being a science, particularly biology teacher, he finds it easy to share his digital portfolio with other teachers teaching the same subject.



I humbly wish all the teachers come up with their own digital portfolio so that their annual work becomes much easier and fully documented. As a part of sharing noble ideas among like-minded people for the same of motivating, I could not help myself sharing his blog here. This is what he says his personal growth plan (PGP), incorporating technology into his daily routine. - Tenzin Dhargyal