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THF School Mussoorie: PGPs and Collaborative Practices

THF-Mie-Pic1Tibetan Homes Foundation School Mussoorie has 70 teachers who come under this Teacher professional Development project which directly benefits 1341 students. Under the leadership of the Education Officer, Mr. Passang Dhoundup la and the two headmistresses Mrs. Tsering Yangkey la and Mrs. Sonam Dolma la, the school is implementing the new Teacher professional Development Project. The school began its implementation by giving Orientation and workshop to all the teachers in two shifts. And the workshop was given by the two school Head mistresses in the last week of April this year.

The books in the Teacher's Reading corner are used by the teachers for their own PGPs as well as for their Lesson Study and Book Discussion purposes. The Reading corner is installed in the staff room and as such the books are easily assessable for the teachers. The log –book is maintained by the school Librarian.

Annual Professional Growth Plan (PGP):
As per the guidelines, the school heads collected the PGPs from all the teachers after giving enough time for their preparation. They had one to one meeting with some of the teachers regarding the progress of their PGPs. Some of the PGP goals of teachers are: To improve the reading skill of students; Improve the Handwriting of the selected students; to improve the attention span of the students in the class. The teachers see considerable improvement in their goals in particular their own professional growth, which was the main aim of this PGP. At the end of this academic session, all the teachers are expected to submit an annual report on their PGP.

Collaborative Practices in the School:
Apart from the Individual Growth Plan, all the teachers have their own collaborative practices. There are two sections, Junior and Senior. Both the sections have their own collaborative practices.

Junior Section Collaborative Practices:

IMG 0330As a part of their Collaborative Practices, the junior section has 3 Lesson study groups and a Book Discussion Group. The book the teachers had chosen was "The source book on Assessment for Class I – V" (Environmental Studies). The three Lesson Study groups are for subjects; Tibetan, English and Mathematics. All the teachers in the group completed the Lesson study Cycle and submitted the final Lesson Plan to the school head. The Lesson plans developed are available in the website.
PPT of Book Discussion 
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Senior Section Collaborative Practices:
Some of the collaborative practices implemented in the school are the Lesson study group and the Book Discussion Group. The teachers who were in the Book Discussion group had selected the book "Divasvapna". The group met from time to time, discussed about the book and finally presented to the whole teachers through power point presentation. There are lesson study groups for all the subjects namely; Tibetan, English, Political Science, Mathematics, Science and Commerce. The teachers in the groups followed the complete cycle to the best of their ability. The final lesson plans developed are also uploaded here in the website for sharing purpose.