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Effective Practice

This site is meant as a wiki-clearinghouse of effective practice. It is, by no means, a comprehensive list. Rather, it represents the collective recommendations of participating colleagues. Please join us by contributing your own suggestions of exemplars of effective practice....For more details visit: www.schoollibrarywebsites.wikispaces.com

During our weekly visits we learn about …

During our weekly visits we learn about the library, great books to read, web tools for learning, how to access and use information, research and note-taking, and so much more! We check out books, keep reading records of the books we read, and win buttons for reading books during the year....For more details visit: www.bayfarm.alamedausd.ca.schoolloop.com

You Book Recommendations and Helping You…

The two people you'll see when you come to the library are, Ms. Chessman, the librarian, and Mrs. Briskin, the library assistant.Ms. Chessman will be the one instructing you in the teaching area, giving you book recommendations and helping you with research. Mrs. Briskin will be the one checking out your books, helping you find books and being generally helpful!...For more details visit: www.wmslib1.weebly.com

Young Adult and Adult Literature

We generally keep the list relatively short – under one hundred books so as not to overwhelm. We are mindful of genre, "boy books", "girl books", and themes in diversity. We focus on contemporary publications - the last two years or so, but we also include a few classics. We aim for balance between young adult and adult literature.....For more details visit: www.nchslibrary.info

School Library Association

The School Library Association is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, promoting high quality reading and learning opportunities for all....For more details visit: www.sla.org.uk

Indian School Library Association

The mission of the Indian School Library Association (ISLA) is to provide a national forum for those people interested in promoting effective school library media programs as viable instruments in the educational process. ISLA also provides guidance and advice for the development of school library programs and the school library profession. ISLA works in cooperation with other professional associations and agencies....For more details visit: www.indianschoollibraryassociation.wordpress.com

The Purpose of this Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about the fundamentals of the Dewey Decimal System to enable them to locate books in the library. Many students are overwhelmed when entering the library because of the vast amounts of books on the shelves. Learning the Dewey Decimal Classification System will guide the students to the books of their choice! ....For more details visit: www.mypages.iit.edu

Cataloging and classification

Cataloging and classification of books in school library. Two examples of classifications are given here....For more details visit: www.aasl.ala.org

At Centre for Learning

At Centre For Learning, we have an open library. Open, available, accessible, friendly and welcoming to the users. It also means that we have open doors (but watch out for that tricky lock), open shelves (more dust gathers so books get taken out, dusted and discovered), open access....For more details visit: www.journal.kfionline.org

Children and Reading

Why do we want our children to read? I refer to the wide range of books in fiction and non-fiction, which are perused by children and young adults from ages six to eighteen. This reading is done, by and large, of their own volition and interest and with a resultant satisfaction. By this simple act, they are expanding and enhancing their sensibilities....For more details visit: www.journal.kfionline.org

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