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EGR Translator's Workshop Concluded Successfully

pic1EGR Translator's Workshop Concluded Successfully

24th October 2014: The three days' EGR Translator's workshop which had been going on for the past two days at Nyatri Hall, Gangchen Kyishong successfully came to an end today with the visit of the honorable Education Minister, Mr. Ngodup Tsering la who also met the translators and reminded them of their important role in this Children's Literature project. The workshop was arranged by the Department of Education with the fund from USAID through Tibet fund. The first EGR Translator's workshop was held at TCV Day School, New Delhi.

Unlike the first workshop where the resource persons Prof. Krishna Kumar and Dr. Latika Gupta focused mainly on the theoretical aspect of translating Children's literature, this second workshop was the follow up workshop and the whole three days were spent on actually translating few of the selected Children's literature.

pic2During the workshop, proper step by step process and the procedure of translating children's literature into Tibetan was followed for each children's book they worked on. Under the mentorship of Dr. Latika Gupta, Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal, Education Specialist Tibet Fund and DoE Deputy Secretary Mr. Sonam Sangpo, the books to be translated were distributed to all the translators one at a time. First of all the translators carried their individual translation. After that they all shared their translation and started the whole group discussion regarding the choice of words, sentence structures and the child's psychology. A final edition is done with suggestions and input from the three resource persons. In the process, more time was spent on the discussion part rather than translating itself. Over all, full dedication and time was given by all the translators.

A total of 5 picture story books from Eklavya foundation were translated into Tibetan language during these three days. These five books would be sent for printing as soon as the review committee approves the translation. The books would be very soon finding their places in the shelves of the classroom reading corner in all the Tibetan schools.
Early Grade Reading (EGR) is an important project initiated by the Department of Education, CTA with the fund from USAID through Tibet Fund. The project aims to strengthen the reading comprehension of the children by producing more children's story books in Tibetan Language and empowering the primary teachers with the art of storytelling. Under this project, different workshops had been arranged for Illustrators, Graded Reading Series and Primary teachers who were all a part of this big project.

The workshop concluded with the final feedback session and the thanking of the resource person Dr. Latika Gupta and Mr. Tenzin Dhargyal, Education Specialist Tibet Fund by Mr. Tsering Samdup la, the Education Officer, the Department of Education. The 9 translators formed their own group in the social network site so that they could always keep in touch regarding the EGR translation. They would be soon translating more books individually for this project.