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The Department of Education, CTA organised the cluster level Intervention Workshop for school librarians at Upper TCV school, Dharamsala from January 2-5, 2015. In the four-day workshop, the Librarians directly engaged with the tasks with hands – on experience and empowered to return to school and replicate the process. The workshop broadly covered interactive sessions on library activities, book audit and homework reading, planning the library layout, organising and labelling, data management of a library and discussions and planning for the way forward. The first two-day workshop has been arranged in the Upper TCV Junior Library and the last two-day at Lower TCV School.


In this Dharamsala cluster level workshop, 17 participants from 8 schools attended the workshop viz; 1) TCV Upper, 2) Lower TCV, 3)TCV Suja,4) TCV Chauntra,5) TCV Gopalpur, 6) STS Chauntra,7) STS Peton School, 8) Sherab Gatsel Lobling

Last year, various activities were planned starting with a visit to the World Book Fair event (Feb. 17-18, 2014) and the first workshop in April 2014. Field Visits to school libraries were made by Usha Mukunda in October 2013, Sujata Noronha in October 2014 and Yashodara Kundaji & Karuna Jaithirtha in Oct/Nov 2014 and submitted their recommendations which will greatly help the school administrations and librarians to improve the school libraries and reading culture. Besides, quite a number of story books have been provided to schools at the end of the last workshop.


With guidance from the experts, the Online Google group was created last year to share the learning experiences among the librarians and thereby help students improve their reading skills. This will be further strengthened through online mentoring coordinators with constant guidance from Usha Mukunda & Sujata Noronha for an interactive distant mode mentoring school librarians all through the year.

Sujata Noronha was the main resource person for the workshop with her team from the Bookworm, Goa. She is an independent Consultant on Library and Literacy. Sujata consults on Early Literacy projects and Library grants for the Sir Ratan Tata Trust and is a doctoral scholar with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
The workshop has been funded by the USAID through The Tibet Fund under the Early Grade Reading Project.