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In-service Training for Maths TGTs at NCERT 5th -14th May 2015

New Delhi: The Department of Education, CTA organized an in-service training for Math Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) at National Council Educational Research Training (NCERT), New Delhi from 5th-14th May 2015.There are four main objectives of arranging this workshop.

First, to enhance the teachers' pedagogical skill in teaching of Math. Second, to enable children to see mathematics as something to talk about, to communicate, to discuss among them and to work on collaboratively. Third, to shift a focus from Mathematics' contents to Mathematical learning environment. Fourth, to provide a platform to remove doubts and problems faced by teachers in their day to day classroom teaching. This in-service training was attended by 16 teachers. They were all from schools under STSS, TCV, THF, SLF Nepal and Seraje School.
The workshop was funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), Canada.